Slab Pack Vol. 3

Studio XS
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The Slab Pack Vol. 3 library is excellent to forge metallic slabs and sculpt them giving with that depth you need.

Just drag and drop into your texture slot, tile them until you are happy, and ... done!

Ready for use everywhere from high end production to a personal project.


All the 35 16-bit PNG displacement maps are created to ensure high quality displacement results. There is also a normal map 64-bit PNG version included for every displacement to add more creativity to your result.

These maps can be used with any renderers such as Octane, Vray, Arnold, Redshift, or others and with any 3D application by loading the maps in the desired channels of your materials.

Included also a C4D project file (Octane setup) with all 35 preset you see in the preview renders.

This Pack includes:

35 Diffuse/ Height Maps 4K resolution

35 Normal Maps 4K resolution

1 C4D project file (Octane render setup) with all 35 preset ready to render.

35 Preview renders

Files info & size:

File Info : 70 PNG format 16bit // 35 PNG format 64bit

File Size : 925 MB compressed archive

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    925 MB
  • Size925 MB
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Slab Pack Vol. 3

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