Terrain Kit

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Terrain Kit

Here is a kit of 3 unique terrains ready to use!

3 Cinema 4D project files with Octane Render setup of all materials for HiQuality renders!


Terrain - Each terrain comes with Color Map, Relief Map, Normal Map, Splat Map and Height Map.

When combining these maps together you can make extremely high detailed and complex looking surfaces.

Speed up your workflow by using my pre-made setup as a starting point!

This kit can be used with any renderers such as Octane, Vray, Arnold, Redshift, or others and with any 3D application by loading the maps in the desired channels of your materials.

See my setup and choose yours to find the right space mood for your renders in seconds with the terrains offered by this kit!

This Kit includes:

3 Unique Terrains each one comes with:

1 Color Map 

1 Relief Map

1 Height Map 16bit

1 Normal Map

1 Splat Map

1 C4D setup file Octane render ready with all materials

Files info & size:

File Info : 36 Maps .PNG format 8bit 2K/4K/8K 

File Info : 9 Height Maps .TIFF format 16bit 2K/4K/8K

File Info : 3 Project file .C4D format - Octane render setup ready

File Size : 1.9 GB compressed archive (2.24 GB after extraction)

  • Size
    1.92 GB
  • Size1.92 GB
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Terrain Kit

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